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17歩 For bluetooth APK Hack

Genre: Card

Cover art 17歩 For bluetooth
Developer:Studio Yoshino
Requirements:Android 2.2 and up

Today I want to share a great andriod game that name is 17歩 For bluetooth (latest version) Andriod Game.


「カイジ 賭博堕天録」に登場した2人用麻雀ゲーム「7歩(地雷ゲーム)」がandroidアプリに登場!スマホ搭載のbluetoothを使い,近くの友達と通信対戦が行えます。
CPU対戦にて,お一人でもプレイすることもできます。 接続手順
④「Scan for devices」を選択します
⑤接続可能な端末が存在する場合は、端末情報が表示されるので、接続したい端末を選択してください。 以上で接続が完了して、両端末に配牌が開始されます。また、一度接続した端末ならば手順③の「対戦相手を探す」の選択後にその端末情報が表示されますので、それを選択してください。
※1 裏ドラ無しで満貫以上 ②先行のプレイヤーから交互に,手牌に選択しなかった1枚の牌から1枚を選んで切ります。(※2※3)
※2 先行後攻は配牌時にランダムに決定されます
※3 1枚目を切った時点でリーチが確定します(ダブルリーチはありません) ③相手の捨牌が和了牌だった場合,ロンとなります。(※4)
※4 0点以上確定手でのみ和了できます。0点未満で見逃しした場合フリテン扱いとします ④互いに7枚ずつ切り終え,和了しなかった場合,流局となります。 ※「戦績」はSDカードや外部保存域の無い端末ではご利用できません 画像提供サイト 
http/ 7 step (mine game) appeared in the android app for 2 persons Mahjong game that appeared in Kaiji gambling Datenroku! Use the bluetooth of smartphone equipped, you can communicate with friends and play nearby
I can also play using the CPU, per person even to play. Connection procedure
① app after starting, I press the menu button on the terminal-specific
Select the Connection Wait, towards the terminal as ② and parent unit is to detect possible
And then select Search the opponent person of the terminal to be ③ cordless handset
I ④ Select Scan for devices
If a connection can ⑤ terminal is present, terminal information is displayed, please select the terminal you want to connect. Connection is completed above, distribution pie will begin in both terminals. In addition, the terminal information is displayed after you select Finding opponent of the steps ③ and if the terminal that is connected once, please select it.
Cardinal rule
I choose the 3 pieces to be manganese and more than 4 pieces from Tenpai ① distribution tiles. (※ 1)
※ limit hand more than one drive without back Alternately, you outright to choose one from the tiles 1 piece that I did not choose to hand tiles from the player of the preceding ②. (※ 2 ※ 3)
※ 2 after preceding attack is determined randomly distribution tiles when
※ (no double reach) Reach is determined at the time you turn off the three first picture If 捨牌 ③ of a recipient who has a mahjong tiles, will be Ron. (※ 4)
※ I can sum completed only in 0 4 points or more fixed hand. And in the case Furiten treatment you missed point less than in 0 If the finished cut by 7 pieces of each other ④, did not the winning, it is a flow station. ※ It is not available at the terminal without external storage area and SD card KOs Image courtesy site

Sourse: Google Play - 17歩 For bluetooth


Game Features:

No change log.

Download 17歩 For bluetooth APK Hack

Download apk/obb


  1. Download the file.
  2. If the file is archived (rar or zip) to extract data.
  3. Install the 17歩 For bluetooth.apk and place the "minegame.minegameforandroidpayment" folder in sdcard/Android/obbacted folder.
  4. Launch the app 100% offline compatible google play installation and online data verification is not required.

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